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Which Tuxedo is Right for Your Wedding?

Formal Tuxedo
The world of formalwear for weddings is confusing. The variety of tuxedo jackets, trousers and collars combinations is almost endless. The only time anyone notices what the groom is wearing is when his tuxedo doesn't fit. Select the right weding attire for your day, however, and there’s no reason for you not to look your best. Here’s how.

Different types of weddings call for different versions of formal wear. The clothing you wear will depend largely on the time and location of your event, the size of the guest list, and, of course, your lovely bride’s wedding attire. All of these things will help determine whether your wedding is formal, informal, or ultraformal.

Both the groom and groomsmen should wear suits (navy or charcoal are great year-round colors, choose white, beige or kahki for warm weather) Choose a crisp, white shirt, ties are optional.

Tuxedos, tailcoats, and gray strollers are all appropriate. Match them with a white spread-collar shirt. Select a vest to match your coat, and finish with an an ascot and a pocket square.

A cutaway coat paired with gray striped trousers, a gray vest, ascot, and black shoes. If you want to go all out, you can also add a top hat, spats, and gray gloves.

Start with a dark tuxedo and bow tie, add a cummerbund or vest. An alternative would be a dark suit. Your shirt should be white with a wing-tipped or turned-down collar. For summer weddings or tropical venues, white dinner jackets are an option.

Formal evening wear means black tie! You should choose a classic black tuxedo with a white wing or spread-collar shirt, black bow tie, and matching vest or cummerbund. If your wedding falls during the summer, a white dinner jacket with formal trousers is another option.

Ultra formal means a black tuxedo tailcoat, black trousers, white pique wing-collared shirt, black vest or cummerbund, and white bow tie. Add a fancy set of studs and cufflinks.

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