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Confused about what to wear under your wedding dress? Not sure which bridal lingerie is right for you?

Wedding Lingerie

Choose the right wedding lingerie for your bridal gown....

Strapless bras, are a must with sheer bodices, and halter style necklines. An alternative is taped on bras, these bras are very comfortable, but are limited to smaller busted women. Molded bras offer better support and seamless contouring.

A well fitted corset, with delicate boning, offers maximum support and allows for natural curves. Bridal salons will offer a limited number of styles and sizes, so it is better to be fitted by a professional in a lingerie shop.

A under slip will allow your wedding gown to drape freely with out clinging to your body, and getting caught up on garters etc.

A crinoline provides the extra fullness that some wedding dresses require. Crinolines come in a variety of fullness and some bridal shops will rent them. A huge savings for something you may not be wearing again.

The ultimate in sexy wedding lingerie is stockings and a garter belt. For many women their wedding day is the first time they have considered wearing this combination. It is a good idea to try them on before as they are not always a comfortable combination. Alternately a pair of stay up style stockings are just as sexy without being restrictive. Panty hose are just as acceptable, it is your day and the last thing you need to be worried about is your wedding lingerie.

The throwing of the garter is a tradition in almost all weddings. In medieval times, the villagers chased the bride into the bedroom and tore off her clothes for the groom, todays brides are more eager to tear off their own items of clothing and the garter represents this by gone tradition.

Body shapers, both full and partial are available to the bride who chooses a body-hugging wedding dress or a slim mermaid style. Be sure to check for lines and creases!

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