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Wedding Guests I Dos and I Don'ts

Wedding Guests
It is an honor to be included in a couple's special day, but there are a few rules wedding guests should keep in mind to helpensure a happy day for all.

* DO remember to turn off your cell phone during the ceremony. It's the height of rudeness to allow a personal call to interrupt someone's once-in-a-lifetime, special moment.

* DO give a gift, even if you can't attend. Sending a gift indicates your support and best wishes for the happy couple who are starting their lives together.

* DO personalize your gift. While registries offer a great way for couples to select the perfect gifts for their lives together, going the extra mile by adding a personal touch is a wonderful way to show you care. If the couple has registered for china, include a special family recipe with the place setting.

* DO commemorate the special day. After the wedding, send the bride and groom your snapshots. Even though most couples have professional photos, there is something extra special about pictures taken lovingly by friends and family.

* DON'T arrive late. Take into account extra time for traffic snarls, bad directions and last minute runs to the convenience store. If you plan to arrive 15 minutes early, you'll most likely just make it. No one should walk down the aisle after the bride. If you arrive late, try to slip in quietly down a side aisle.

* DON'T take a year to send a gift. Contrary to popular belief, guests do not have a year to send a gift. Gifts should really be sent before the wedding. The benefit of sending a gift ahead of time is that the couple will not have to worry about keeping it safe at the reception or transporting it after.

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