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The following guidelines will help clarify which wedding gowns are appropriate for your venue....

  • Very formal wedding: Full length wedding gown, with a cathedral train, full length veil, headpiece, long sleeves or gloves, cascading bouquet.
  • Formal evening wedding: Full length bridal gown, chapel train, fingertip veil or hat, gloves, medium size bouquet.
  • Formal daytime wedding: Same wedding gown as for an evening wedding, with a shorter veil.
  • Semi-formal wedding: Floor length wedding gown, chapel train, fingertip veil, small bouquet.
  • Informal wedding: This is where you can have the most fun with your wedding gown selection. Street length wedding gowns or suits are traditionally worn. But any length of wedding dress is suitable, from a mini skirt to a tea length to ??? accessorize with a corsage or small bouquet, but no veil or train.
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