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Do wedding dresses have to be white? Dismiss those old wedding traditions? Only if you dare!

Wedding dresses don't have to be white, off white or even cream. Today's Bride is free to wear any color her heart desires.

Pink wedding dress
Did you know there are many, many different shades of white and that some shades may not be flattering to you? Try on one or more shades or ask your designer to drape you with swatches of different fabrics. If you are a blonde or a redhead, you may actually look much prettier in an off-white gown.

In ancient times as well as in other cultures, brides wear bright colored wedding dresses to signify their happiness. White dresses for western brides didn't become fashionable until Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress to signify her status, and so the tradition began. White dresses didn't signify purity until the Christian churches put that label on them.

Don't belive this silly rhyme either, wear whatever color you like - it's your wedding!

Married in white
You have chosen alright

Married in green,
Ashamed to be seen.

Married in grey,
You'll go far away.

Married in red,
You'll wish yourself dead.

Married in blue,
Love ever true

Married in yellow,
Ashamed of your fellow.

Married in black
You'll wish yourself back

Married in pink,
Your spirits will sink.

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