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Page Ideas For Your Wedding Website

Wedding Planning
Whether you’re building your own site or having someone design it for you, here is a list of standard wedding website pages that many couples opt for, plus a few unique suggestions to help you create your perfect wedding website.

Standard Website Pages:

1. Home Page: Welcome visitors to your site with home page. Some services also include a countdown to your wedding and a guest counter displaying how many people have visited your site.
2. About You: Your guests will enjoy getting to know you better by reading biographies of the bride and the groom. You can tell the story of your life yourself, or write each other’s bios for a fun twist.
3. Your Story: Share the story of how you met and/or became engaged.
4. The Wedding Party: Provide short bios of the bridesmaids and grooms attendants.
5. Wedding Details: Time, date, and place of the big event (the basic information listed on your wedding invitations).
6. Calendar of Events: A Calendar of Events can help guests keep up with your planned activities and alert them to any last-minute changes.
7. Travel Information: For guests coming from out-of-town, you can include a travel page with hotel and tourist information, and even a link to allow guests to book their travel online. For fun, add a "Weather Magnet" to let guests know what the current weather is in your area. (If you’re building your own site, you can get the html code for a free weather magnet from
8. RSVP: Save on postage and allow guests to RSVP right from your website.
9. Gift Registry: Another convenience for guests is to provide links to your on-line gift registries, allowing them to shop right from your site.
10. Photo Albums: Share pictures of yourselves as children, your dating adventures, and of course, your engagement and wedding photos. (Remember to post your wedding and reception photos after the wedding.)
11. Guestbook: Allow guests to leave well-wishes on your website.
12. Wedding Festivities: Highlight plans or share photos of your wedding showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and all the other activities you’ve planned to celebrate your big day.

Wedding Website

Additional Page Ideas:

1. Your Family: Remember to highlight your families to help them feel a part of your wedding. A family photo with short bios on parents and siblings is a great addition to your site.
2. Reception Information: If you are planning a reception or open house that will be held on a different day or alternate location from the wedding, you can provide reception information for guests, and even link to maps or driving directions right from your website.
3. Future Plans: Share your plans for your future together.
4. Wedding Traditions: Share unique wedding customs or traditions of your family.
5. Religion Symbolism: If you have guests from other faiths attending your ceremony, a section explaining your religious wedding rituals will help them better understand your ceremony.
6. Theme Page: If your wedding has a unique theme, share the details as well as any special preparations the guests may need to make. If your theme has historical significance or symbolism, you can include this as well.
7. Honeymoon: Share your honeymoon plans or invite your guests back after the wedding to see a report of your honeymoon adventures.

Additional Features

If you plan to create your own site or opt for a custom site, you may be able to take advantage of the additional features below:
1. Custom E-mail addresses ( Get one for you, your fiancé, your families, or your whole wedding party.
2. Chat Room: If you have friends and family spread all over the country, save on the phone bills and have your own private chat room. Just set up a time when everyone can be online and host your own live wedding chat!
3. Bulletin Board/Forum: When it’s hard to get everyone together, you can have a bulletin board discussion. Family and friends can post on their own time, and you don’t all have to be available at once. The wedding forum is a great way to plan wedding events or post news about last-minute changes!
4. Weblog Journal: A weblog (also known as a "blog") lets you post information to your website anytime you want. Start a wedding journal chronicling your wedding planning adventures that you can share with guests or just keep for yourself.
5. Photo Gallery: A photo gallery enables you to upload an unlimited number of pictures right from your web browser. You can then categorize these, sort by type, etc. You could even grant permission for your family or friends to upload photos. Ask them to help you build your site by posting the pictures they have of you as well.

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