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The Groom's attire is often overlooked until the last minute, we have some suggestions to help with shopping for a tuxedo.

Tuxedo Shopping

Who should wear a tuxedo?

At a minimum, the groom and groomsmen. Depending on the formality of the wedding it is also common for the fathers and ring bearer to wear tuxedos. If grandfathers will be in attendance, ask them to wear tuxedos - it will make them feel a part of the wedding.

Looking through magazines and catalogs is a great way to get ideas, but be sure to try one on before you order.

All tuxedos are not equal, the quality of the tuxedo as well as the service of the shop will be a deciding factor in where you make your selection. Ask friends or family where they have rented from and always check with the BBB.

Most tuxedo shops will give a discount if you will be renting six or more tuxedos. Often this discount is a free rental for the groom. Be sure to ask the shop when making your decision.

Start shopping for the tuxedo 3-6 months before, look for the most current styles and the right sizes.

Bring along a swatch of fabric from the bridesmaids dresses to match colors for the cumberbund or vest. A swatch from the brides dress will assist in getting just the right color of white for the shirts.

Most mens store will include shoes in the rental, if you have dress shoes, then by all means wear them, but tuxedo shoes do complete the over all look.

If you have groomsmen out of town, ask them to be measured by a professional at a local tuxedo shop. He will need an accurate jacket size and length, and waist measurement. For the shirt, neck size and sleeve length are required. A final fitting will be done when he arrives for the wedding so accurate measurements will eliminate any problems when he arrives.

Be sure you ask if there are additional charges for insurance, or dry cleaning. You will often need to pay extra if you chose a full back vest or need to rent shoes.

All of the men should go to the shop to try on the tuxedos on the day they are to be picked up. Have someone you trust go with them to make sure that they fit well. A tailor should be on the premises to do last minute adjustments to ensure they fit perfectly. Also, confirm that all accessories match and are included with each suit.

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