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The Bustle on a Wedding Dress

The Bustle
Depending on the style of your wedding gown, it may have a long train that creates a beautiful and elegant effect during your ceremony. Generally, the gown will be bustled after the ceremony and before your reception. Be sure to designate someone to assist you with bustling the wedding dress to avoid unnecessary stress and confusion.

A bustle involves "gathering up" the train so that it is off the floor and attached to the top of the skirt portion of the dress. Bustling gowns can be tricky, especially since there are no hard and fast rules. The object is to make the gown look as graceful and flattering when bustled as it is full-length, and to achieve this, your weedding gown may need to be bustled in one place or at a dozen points. Experimentation is the key to success. There are two styles of bustles:


This involves raising the train by securing parts of the train to the waistline or any part of the train. This bustle works well with wedding gowns that have a lot of detail on the train.

Underbustle - French or Victorian bustle

This is the more popular style while also being more secure than the overbustle. This bustle works well with A-line wedding gowns and ones without much train detail. This bustle draws excess fabric under the train and is attached using ribbon ties.

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