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Tuxedo Styles - Which one is right for your body type?

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Now that you have decided on a date, location and formality of your wedding, shopping for your wedding tuxedo is next.

If you will be wearing a tuxedo, knowing which style of suit is the most flattering for your body type will make shopping easier.

If you are tall and slim

Lucky you - no matter what style you choose you will look great! Contemporay styles as well as the classics will look great on you.

Single or double breasted - it's your choice. If you need to add some bulk to a very thin frame, choose a double breasted jacket with slightly padded shoulders.

Tall and muscular

  • Opt for a smooth, clean looking jacket without a lot of frills. A shawl collar is a good choice as it creates an elegant line and will make you seem less bulky.
  • Avoid double-breasted jackets and pleated shirts. If you have a thick waist wearing a vest instead of a cummerbund to conceal your girth.
  • Black or dark colored suits work well with your frame. If your bride insists on a light colored suit, try on a few different styles and fabrics. Light weight fabrics may not be flattering.

Short and lean

  • Avoid double breasted jackets, instead look for single breasted jacket with 2 or 3 buttons and a low neckline. Ask to see the jacket with extra padding in the shoulders which will help to add bulk.
  • Be sure to order a tuxedo that fits you - extra fabric will make you look even smaller.

Short and broad

  • Your best choice is a single breasted jacket, in a classic 1 or 2 button style. A low button stance will help to elongate your torso. Avoid jackets with shoulder pads and stay away from broad styles.
  • A vest, rather than a cummerbund will be more slimming and less bulky around your waist.
  • Black or dark colors are your best choice.

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