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Can I save money making a designer wedding dress rather than purchasing one retail?

Designer Wedding Dresses
If you are trying to copy an expensive designer wedding dress, you will most likely save quite a bit. If you are copying an imported ready to wear gown made in Asia, you may not. If you sew it yourself, you can save money. If you are paying a qualified dressmaker, it might cost a little more, but may still be less expensive than retail.

There are several important factors to consider in addition to price.

Style. Making a gown from a wedding dress pattern creates a one-of-a-kind dress and offers you the luxury of designing details to your liking. You can select the perfect silk flower; whether a bud or fully open bloom; the perfect placement of a lace applique or trim to accent or camouflage. Even though you may be using a commercial wedding dress pattern, individual choice in lace, fabric and detailing indeed create a personal gown for you.

Fit. Many brides purchase an expensive ready made designer wedding dress not realizing they will then have to spend another small fortune (sometimes as much as the dress) in alterations just to get that gown to fit them. A custom dress tailored for your figure always gives you a fit that is unequaled compared to a ready-to-wear gown. The proper adjustments take place in the original pattern work.

Quality. This is an area where there is no comparison. The dresses sewn in Asian factories are mass produced, meant to be worn only once. If you are looking for an heirloom quality gown that can be passed on to future generations, have it sewn by a qualified seamstress.

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