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One of the most important tasks for the groom is selecting his best man and groomsmen.

The Bride has chosen her bridesmaids, and now it's the groom's task of finding just the right number of family and friends to pair them with.

How do you decide who makes the cut? The Usual Suspects....

Remember - No matter what your family or friends say, there aren't people who "must" be in the wedding party. Select buddies you're close with - not guys you feel obligated to ask. If you're unfamiliar with wedding etiquette, here are the "usual" rules for including groomsmen in your wedding party.

Brothers-yours and your bride's-come first. Unless you don't speak to your brother, your brothers and her brothers are automatically in the wedding party. Next come your closest friends (some may be relatives) who are responsible and financially sound. Being in a wedding, especially if travel is involved, is expensive.

The Best Man for the Job....

You'll want to choose the male who is closest to you and has been there for you. Whether he's a blood relative or close friend, you'll be glad when your wedding day arrives that you picked your best friend.

Great Expectations....

When you begin asking your friends to stand up in your wedding, be sure to explain what's expected. The basics include:

  • Travel and accommodations
  • Attend the rehearsal and dinner
  • Renting tuxedo and shoes
  • Attend tuxedo fittings
  • Help plan and attend the bachelor party
  • Seat guests at the wedding
  • Walk down the aisle with a bridesmaid
  • Dance with same bridesmaid
  • Wedding gift (unspoken requirement, of course!)

If this is manageable for your buddies, you're in business.

Who Doesn't Make It....

Keep in mind that a lot of money and effort are being spent on the biggest day of your life. You don't want to start your lifetime commitment with the following burdens : friends who get too drunk, who are late for everything, and who have a reputation for not showing up for important events. These guys are not the best choice for groomsmen. If there's any doubt, you probably shouldn't ask him. We suggest, that you choose your most responsible friends for this very special day.

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