Glossary of Sleeves of Wedding Dresses bookmark

These are the most common terms used to describe the sleeves of a wedding dress....

Balloon sleeves - Wide, elbow length sleeves.

Cap sleeve – A small short sleeve, which sits on the shoulder, either forming a stiff cap or falling on to the arm. Provides minimal coverage.

Dolman - Wide sleeves at the armhole, then tapering in at the wrist. Thick batwings.

Fitted point sleeve – Long, narrow sleeve that tapers to a point, which rests against the back of the hand.

Juliet - puffed near the shoulder, but fitted the rest of the way down the arm.

Leg-o-mutton - Rounded pouf from the shoulder to the elbow, then tightly fitted from the elbow to the wrist.

Three-quarter length - Straight sleeves that stop just below the elbow.

Cap Sleeved Wedding Dress

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