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How to personalize your wedding invitations is an important part of the wedding planning. The wedding invitation is the very first glimpse the guests receive of your very special day and it sets the stage of things to come.

Personalized Wedding Invitations
Getting Personalized Wedding Invitations....

Customizing your wedding invitations to reflect your individuality and style.

You’ve done it. You’ve found the perfect man, the perfect ring, the perfect wedding dress, perfect time and place to say "I do" on your perfect day. Now, you’re ready to invite friends and family to join you in your perfect celebration — the one you’ve been planning since you were a little girl!

Your individual style and personality show in every detail of your wedding event, from the dress you have carefully chosen, the flowers and the cake right down to the favors. And your wedding invitations will be the one piece of correspondence responsible for setting the mood for this entire event. Below are some ideas to help you create the perfect personal invitation for your perfect day.

Say it with style: Choose a wedding invitation that will reflect the overall style of the wedding - will it be forma, casual or whimsical, perhaps your wedding has an overall theme.

To verse or not to verse. One way to really personalize your wedding stationary is through your invitation wording. Even if you‘re the traditionalist, words can be a great way to show your personality and your love. If you’re a budding writer, you could create your own verse—or you may just want to use someone else’s - we recommend and to help you get started. Your wedding invitation designer should also have some standard issue text if you need something more traditional.

Choose your font carefully. The font you choose creates the ambiance of your invitation—and of your whole wedding, either more formal or more fun. It is becoming very popular to use two different fonts on the invitation, such as a fancy script on the names with a plainer font for the rest of the text. Think about your font in relation to layout as well. Try placing your wording to the right or the left, or a combination of layouts instead of centered down the middle.

Make a lasting impression. An elegant way to personalize a more formal card is with custom blind embossing or hot foil stamping. Have your names, a monogram, or an insignia of your choice pressed into your wedding stationary to make it uniquely yours.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So why not add one to your invitation? You can have your image printed directly on a card along with your wedding invitation text. Or you can print your invitation wording on a vellum overlay and print the photo on the card below. You can have a custom-designed card featuring both photo and text in an artistic layout.

Wrap it up. Another great use for that translucent vellum is the very popular wrap. This is a sheer paper that wraps around your card—almost like gift-wrap. And wrapping isn’t limited to vellum, either. The hottest new way to envelop your card is with an Envelopment. This unique folder, available in many shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and paper choices, is a wonderful way to show off your perfect invitation. And, if you haven’t had a chance to use translucent vellum in your invitation yet, get a translucent envelope to show off your enveloped invitation!

Simply Charming Ribbons and Bows. Why not accessorize your wedding invitation. Tie in the colors of your wedding with a coordinating sheer organza or satin ribbon. You can use stick-on bows on traditional cards, use longer ribbons to secure wraps or enveloped cards, or attach embellishments such as pewter charms or dried or silk flowers with your sheer overlay.

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