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All those last minute wedding details that need to be addressed. Plan for the best and be prepared for the worst.

Forgotten Bridal Items
Preparing for a wedding, large or small, is overwhelming! The fear of something or everything going wrong only adds to the wedding excitement.

A way to combat this feeling is to break down the required tasks, divide the responsibilities and assign deadlines. With that said what IF something goes wrong?

A wedding is a public affair, and it's everyone's fear that somewhere, somehow, despite all the planning, arrangements, expense, and hard work, something will happen that could easily have been avoided.

A stain on your wedding dress, an unexpected down pour, bridesmaids rushing down the aisle, all these little things can be easily smoothed over with the help of a wedding planner or a bride's assistant.

What is the best line of defense in avoiding the inevitable and the unpredictable.

If you are have hired a wedding planner, then it is his/her responsibility to oversee the day and snuff out any fires. If your budget will not allow for a wedding planner then you will need to enlist someone you trust - not a member of the wedding party to oversee the details.

In advance of the ceremony, you should prepare an emergency kit that contains things like a needle and thread in black, white and the wedding colors, toothpaste and chalk, or baking soda to deal with stains, aspirin and a couple of extra pairs of stockings in a neutral shade, a small bottle of club soda, tissues or handkerchiefs, etc.

It is also a good idea to prepare a similar kit for each of the bridesmaids, include things like extra stockings, a pretty hankie, mascara and anything else you think that the bridesmaids may need that day. Keep it small so that they can tuck into a small purse.

On the day of the wedding, your assistants first task is to hand out the tissues or fancy handkerchiefs--almost everyone in the bridal party will forget them. She should hand these out just before the mothers and then the bridal party proceed down the aisle. The bride and bridal party can hold them under their bouquets so that they are not seen.

Your assistants next task is to space your attendants as they go down the aisle. When the organist (who has used the placement of the groomsmen as a cue) begins the music, your helper should stand to the side of the lined-up bridesmaids, standing behind the door so that she will not be seen by your guests. A good guideline for spacing the bridesmaids is that the next bridesmaid should not proceed down the aisle until the bridesmaid in front of her is AT LEAST 1/2 way up the aisle in a medium-sized church or hall. If the church is large, it could be 1/3 of the way.

The maid/matron of honor should not start up the aisle until the last bridesmaid is in place, and the flower girl and ring bearer should also not start down the aisle until the maid/matron of honor is in place, regardless of the size of the church. There should be a little more spacing between these two members of the bridal party.

The bride should then wait until the first few bars of the music for the bride have been played. The organist will be waiting for the placement or seating of the ring bearer and flower girl to switch music, do not start down the aisle until she is ready. Take a moment with your father or escort and allow your helper to calm you down, wait for the music, she should make sure the bride is on the left, and slow you both down if necessary.

On the very first step that the bride and her escort take, the helper should pick up the train at least a foot but no more than two feet off the ground, and give it a "flip." This action is similar to smoothing out a sheet on a bed. The "flip" will ensure that the train will ride on a curtain of air and stay spread correctly as long as the bride keeps walking.

As part of your preparations, the bride should ensure that enough large umbrellas are waiting by the door as the wedding party is leaving. While any color umbrella will do, white umbrellas would look lovely. Some limousine services also carry umbrellas, you will need to ask before hand and check how many. Be prepared to have at least3, for the couple, and then the bridesmaids. On a rainy day you can never have too many, the parents and relatives of the couple would appreciate them, too! Have your assistant waiting at the door to hand them out.

Since your helper has given her time to help on such a special day, it would be a nice gesture--and one that will be remembered--to present your assistant with a special and thoughtful gift at the reception, as well as your thanks. Put the gift in a parent's car, or possibly the best man's car, in advance of your wedding day.

By paying special attention to these little but important details, you can be assured memorable pictures and a worry-free wedding day!

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