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Including a Flowergirl in Your Ceremony

If you are planning to include a flowergirl in your bridal party,we have some suggestions to help the day run smoothly.

Little girls love weddings, they love dressing up in beautiful clothing and they tend to take the job seriously.

There is nothing more endearing than the sight of a flowergirl walking down the aisle in a tulle or organza dress with patent leather shoes. She will be all smiles, because she feels special being included in a grown-up occasion, one that celebrates family and love.

How will your flowergirl remember this special occasion? In the rush of the wedding, don't ignore her. This is an important day for both of you. Perhaps assign an older bridesmaid to watch over her, leaving you free to enjoy your day.

Here are some tips to make the day run a little smoother:

* She will feel very grown up - and stay out of trouble - if given a responsibility, tossing rose petals, managing the guest book, handing out favors or...

* If she acts like a child, remember, she is. But most little girls have the advantage over little boys when it comes to acting grown-up.

* If she's unhappy, suggest a time-out. Have someone else in the wedding party, or a family friend, handle the situation.

* Make sure the wedding party treats her as one of them, and that she is included in the fun.

Be sure to include your flowergirl in the bouquet toss, and have the groom dance with her at least once.

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