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Solving the dilemma of how to coordinate the bridesmaids gowns is solved easily with these suggestions.


Bridesmaids come in all shapes & sizes.

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a wedding is getting everyone dressed, especially the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids and the maid of honor come in different shapes and sizes and each brings her unique personality.

The most challenging part of selecting one bridesmaids dress that will suit all the girls involves bridesmaids who are very different sizes. Trying to find the one dress that will flatter everyone's figure, body shape and personal taste is nearly impossible.

Simple solutions to outfitting the bridesmaids.

Many brides start by outfitting the smallest bridesmaid when it is much easier to find a great dress for the largest girl first. Many dresses come in a full range of dress sizes but the selection diminishes as the sizes go up. By choosing the largest bridesmaid dress first, it is much easier to find something coordinating in the smaller sizes.

Another great solution and one that is becoming more and more popular is the choosing separtates. Each girl chooses the top that suits her best while the bride decides long or short skirts.

Shop for dresses that are in everyone's budget. It is not reasonable to expect the bridesmaids to shell out more than they can afford. If the bride has her heart set on a certain dress that is 'over the top' for some budgets she should expect to help with the cost.

Many dress shops offer lay-away plans and others offer a discount for multiple purchases, some clear out last years colors and stock at a significant savings.

Alternately find a seamstress who will make the dresses at a reasonable cost and find the fabric on sale or at a warehouse sale.

Communication between the bride and her bridesmaids is crucial to avoid misunderstandings.

Plan as many details ahead of time as possible. Important dates for details like fittings and buying accessories should be worked out well in advance. When you ask them to participate, sit them all down together and decide on dates and outline what will be expected of them. Overall, it is important to involve the bridesmaids in the planning of the wedding, but remember that it is the bride's big day, and she should make the final decisions.

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