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Tips and suggestions to help with organizing the brides maids dresses & gowns.

It is not necessary to custom order the bridesmaids gowns, but if you do,
Brides Maids Dress
gowns purchased through a bridal salon should be ordered at least six months before the wedding to allow for alterations and fittings. Have all the brides maids order their gowns at the same time from the same ship in order to ensure that the fabric is of the same dye lot and that it will match.

For brides maids that live out of town, send them pictures so they can see what style of dress you’re considering. Have them measured by a professional, a seamstress, dressmaker or at a bridal salon in their town. When the gowns are ready, have it sent to the out of town brides maid so she can have it fitted locally.

A great place to look for a brides maids gown is in the evening wear or formal dress section of a department store in your area. You may find something your attendants love, they may wear it again and it will not be as expensive as a custom gown.

A great idea is to dresss all the brides maids in a matching skirt with tops in the same color but different styles. Each girl chooses the style she is most comfortable in and everyone is happy.

Junior bridesmaid dresses

A junior bridesmaid’s dress should be the same as her older counterparts. If low necklines or plunging backs are he style of your bridesmaid’ gowns, alter the junior bridesmaid’s gown slightly so they will be more age appropriate.

Dressing the flower Girl

Traditionally the flower girl’s dress matched the brides. Today it is more practical to dress the flower girl in a dress that compliments the rest of the wedding parties attire.

Ballet slippers are often worn a more practical shoe than one with a heel and can be embelished with ribbons or pearls. Top her off with a flowered wreath woven with colored ribbons and she’ll look jut like a little angel.

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