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Maid to Perfection: Favorite Tips for Managing Your Beautifully Bewitching Bridesmaids

The dilemma each of us faces when we plan our weddings is who will be a bridesmaids and what will they wear. As you peruse bridesmaids' gowns, jewelry and accessories, each girl will not be shy about sharing her own favorite colors, personal preferences and style. Trying to please everyone and still having your wedding your way will be tricky - here are some suggestions.

Here are some of my favorite tips for managing your bridesmaids.

Make Everyone Happy

Remember, each bridesmaid agreed to be in your wedding party. If you do your job with finesse and provide sufficient compliments, they'll be delighted to wear what you've picked out. This includes dresses, jewelry and accessories.

Bridesmaids will often complain that they're spending a lot of money to be in your wedding party, so they believe they're entitled to a say in all fashion decisions. Your best bet? Listen politely and respectfully. Thank them for their input. Tell them you'll be taking everyone's suggestions into consideration-and then seize the reins.

Some brides provide jewelry sets as a gift to their bridesmaids during their bachelorette bash or bridal shower. This is a great way to thank your bridesmaids for participating in your wedding, as well as to exercise control over what they'll wear-especially if you want each girl to have the same look.

Coordinating the Jewelry

Be sure to match bridesmaids' accessories to the color of their gowns. Whether you're thinking a necklace or a choker, there are several dozen pearl and cubic zirconia shades available. Regardless of dress color, you're sure to find a complementary hue.

Also pay close attention to gown details. If bridesmaids' dresses are adorned with crystals, beading or pearls, you'll need to select jewelry with similar accents. Keep it simple and elegant.

If you've asked your bridesmaids to wear similar hairstyles, make sure earrings complement their hair styles. Updos like topknots, chignons and French twists call for drop earrings to accentuate facial features and add just the right amount of sparkle. If hair will be worn curled and loose, chandelier earrings fit the bill. For bridesmaids with short hair, Pixie cuts and short bobs are best accentuated with studs and button earrings. You can still achieve a consistent look by asking everyone-regardless of hair length, texture or style-to wear the same type of jewels, be it pearls or cubic zirconia.

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