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Great solutions for coordinating the bridesmaid separates.

Bridesmaid Gowns
The best solution to solving the age old question - 'How Will I Ever Make All The Bridesmaids Happy?' Is to choose a fabric in your wedding colours, then have each girl choose a slightly different top and bottom separate that will flatter their figure type.

Separates are widely available allowing each girl to choose a top suitable for their body type. While the bottom - either a skirt or evening pants - can be the same. Your pregnant sister will look good in an Empire-waist gown with short sleeves, while your slim best friend can wear something more sexy and strappy.

Co-ordinate the bridesmaids by having them wear the same fabric and then unifying them with matching accessories - why not have all the bridesmaids in a matching wrap in organza or chiffon?

Choosing bridesmaid separates that suits everybody.....

If you really want all your bridesmaids outfits to be the same, start by looking for a dress that suits the one with the most difficult figure. Chances are it will also look good on those with more average shapes. If your bridesmaids are different ages, you could have the older bridesmaids attire in darker shades and younger bridesmaids dresses in a lighter shade. Alternatively, buy younger bridesmaids party dresses from a store, then make them sashes in the same colour and fabric as the older bridesmaids' dresses.

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