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Todays Bride need to be armed with a wealth of information before she head off to the bridal salons in search of her ideal wedding dress.

Bridal Salon Etiquette

Here are a few important etiquette tips to help the day run smoother....

  • Make an appointment, and give yourself plenty of time. Expect to try on at least six to eight different style of wedding dresses in each bridal shop.
  • If you are not comfortable in the shop for any reason, or do not feel a comfortable with the consultant there, go elsewhere.
  • Take only one or two people with you when you shop. They may be your mother, a friend, or even your fiancé, but whoever it is, be sure she or he can be objective.
  • Be prepared to explain the style and type of wedding you are having to the sales consultant: size, theme, formality, time of day, location of ceremony, and reception.
  • Bring along pictures of a wedding dress you like, as well as any special accessories (heirloom veil or headpiece, jewelry, and so on) that you plan to wear with your wedding dress.
  • Wear suitable undergarments if you have them - A strapless bra and sheer control top panty hose. Most salons will have a very limited selection and sizes. Stockings, and heels of approximate height you are likely to choose for the wedding.
  • Bring shoes that are similar in height to what you will be wearing on your wedding day.
  • Do your hair and makeup so that you look like your similar to what you have planned for your wedding day. All of this will add to your total impression of the wedding dress.
  • Be honest about your price range. Tell the salesperson what you would ideally like to spend, and what your outside limits are. Be firm, and bear in mind that the wedding dress itself is not the only expense for your total wedding attire.
  • Ask if you may take pictures. You can get a good idea of what you will look like in pictures and to others and it will be a great reference as you are trying to decide which wedding dress to chose.
  • Do not get sidetracked by accessories, this time has been set a side to shop for your wedding dress.
  • Every wedding dress will probably need some altering. Inquire about alterations and fitting fees. Be very specific, alterations, even minor ones, are usually extra. Make sure their seamstresses are experienced with the intricacy of bridal work.
  • Tell the salon you will need your wedding dress finished at least 2 weeks before your wedding date and ask about delivery and fitting schedules.
  • Be sure you understand all terms, guarantees, and refund policies before you put down a deposit on a wedding dress. (Usually, the deposit is a nonrefundable 50% when you order, and the balance is payable when the wedding dress comes in before it is fitted.

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