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Now that you have found the wedding gown of your dreams, create your own style with the right accessories.

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Keep Cool With Hot Bridal Accessories

So many brides are frustrated, some even starting to panic as their wedding day draws near.

Sound familiar?

You've found the wedding gown of your dreams, but you can't decide on how to accessorize it. Everyone has an opinion-and everyone is willing to share. As well as a piece of their own jewelry they would love for you to borrow.

Here are some tips to help you stay calm and accessorize with flair.

Set the Stage

Think of your gown as a stage, you chose your wedding gown because it called out your name and represents who you are. Regardless of whether its style is vintage, traditional, modern or eclectic, it serves as the backdrop for the jewelry and accessories you buy.

Rule Number One

Follow your wedding gowns motif. If, for example, your dress is adorned with radiant crystals, select jewelry with matching accents. The same goes for gowns with beading or pearls.

You'll use your wedding jewelry to draw attention to your best features: eyes, cheekbones, decolletage, neck, hair. Accent your wedding gown by playing up these areas with the right jewelry.

Your Crowning Glory

Before deciding on earrings, talk to your hairstylist about how you'll wear your hair. Bring your wedding dress to the salon several months before the wedding so the two of you can come up with a idea. This will determine if you will be wearing your hair up or down and the right length for your earrings.

Once your hair plan is in place, it's time to shop. If you're wearing a traditional updo - a chignon, French twist, Juliet knot or similar style - drop earrings add drama. For short hair, chic pearl or cubic zirconia studs or buttons are extremely popular. And if your long, loose-flowing tresses will be accompanied by drop-dead-gorgeous chandelier earrings, don't overpower them with a necklace. Less is definitely more! If your wedding gown is backless, a lariat necklace that cascades down your spine is a breathtaking accessory, and earrings should be subtle.

Make sure your headpiece matches your jewelry. A tiara composed of solid rhinestones will overpower delicate pearl jewels. And if you've chosen modern jewelry dripping with cubic zirconia, a pearl headband will be too coy and traditional.

Color is also critical.

If your wedding dress is adorned with taupe and gold embroidery, opt for necklaces and earrings set in glittering gold.

Most Importantly

Choose accessories that are perfectly suited to your wedding gown and personality. If you've never been a fan of pearls, your wedding day isn't the time to flaunt them. You're creating a pleasing package, so make sure everything works together. Be consistent with the embellishments on your dress. If your dress is decorated with crystals or pearls, you should include the same stones in your bridal jewelry.

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