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WEDDING DRESSES & BRIDAL GOWNS is a source guide for the smart Bride shopping for her wedding dress online.

Newly engaged? Congratulations!!!
Thousands of newly engaged girls will be hunting for the perfect dress for their wedding day, let us help you get a jump on finding the right dress and stay within your budget.

Statistic show that the wedding dress or bridal gown can consume a large part of the overall wedding budget if you do not shop wisely. Realistically the bride's attire - including shoes and accessories should be no more that 10% of the overall wedding costs. The budget conscious bride can easily stay on track if she knows where and how to shop online.

If you have your heart set on a designer bridal gown but your budget will only allow for a discount wedding dress, there are several things you should know before you begin shopping, you may get the dress of your dreams for a lot less than you expected.

Ideas, inspiration and great information!

If you take the time to learn about different types of fabrics, dress styles and brush up on terms used when describing formal wear, your shopping experience will be a stress free one and you will find a great dress within your budget.

In addition to cost, the smart bride needs to consider which dress best suits your body type, as well as the venue for the wedding. Lucky for you, shopping for your wedding dress online is easy and will help finalize your decision.

Once you have chosen your wedding dress, adding the right bridal accessories and your own personal touch, you will create a gown that is uniquely yours.

Where to find the best wedding dresses...

Many Brides love the idea of trying on beautiful wedding dresses in an exquisite salon, and this is where you should start. Try on a variety of bridal gowns in different fabrics and styles. Make a note of which styles look best, which dress designers are your favorite, and, most important, make a note of your size and what alterations need to be done. With this information you are ready to shop online and find the dress of your dreams at a price you can afford.

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